Can’t kill a myth if it’s not one

A comment I made to a blog post “Killing the myth that taxes are anti-democratic” by Greg Stevens.

spoonerWrong. Going over the speed limit and stealing from another are acts that are coercive and aggressive, which makes it undemocratic. Once it interferes another in a harmful way, it’s worth to be penalized. No need to have these acts be agreed upon because they clearly violate someone’s space, security and safety. The laws are there to reinforce its importance and specify the type of penalty for it.

In the case of taxation, it is claimed to be one of those “standards in our society” that is set, which makes it democratic. Whose standards is it? By a handful of lawmakers (either mindless, with an agenda, helpless or just-go-with-the-flow type)? If we say it’s democratic — the “of the people, by the people, for the people” address — what is the face of that people? A people with a State-defined face but not by the individual.

Stealing and speed limit violation have no need for me to veto because it’s very understandable that that a law should be enacted to protect me and my family against such acts. It needs less of me to volunteer (or decide) to its becoming a law.

I don’t need another to ask me whether I want my property to be stolen or not. Same with speed limit violation; I don’t need somebody else to ask me whether I want to hit or be hit by another’s vehicle. But taxation? Oh yes, I need the Overlord, his majesty the State, to ask me first if I want to be taxed (deducted) from the bread that I so tirelessly labored on or not.

Read: Agorist Toolkit — Tax Avoidance

This taxation is much like that religion I am baptized with in my babyhood. Done without my consent, something that I just made to embrace without being asked.

And to be told that if this doesn’t go my way and that I have to elect officials that align with my vision, that this is the “democratic” way, I say that this whole process is just one of the many that the Overlord shove me to follow (or better yet, DO). To elect is still circumscribed in “democratic” terms. Therefore, what is deemed “democratic” is, in fact, not really for all. Democracy is just another play word that the Overlord uses.

That makes taxation not for all. And as for the electoral system to have my voice be heard, nah! I rather not consent to it either. It’s not for all.


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